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Viamerine from Aldivia is a range of vegetable derived polyglycerides for personal care applications. Viamerine provides clinically proven moisturising and anti-wrinkle effects and is particularly suitable for formulations where both shine and adherence are sought. The Viamerine® range is certified by COSMOS and Ecocert.

Viamerine as a moisturising agent:

When tested three hours after application against a placebo Viamerine was found to increase the the hydration of the skins outer layer by more than 25%.

Viamerine® as anti-ageing active:

Viamerine® has clinically proven anti-ageing properties. The below images show the result after applying a solution of 5% of Viamerine to the skin.

Skin image analyser before and after Viamerine application

Before application (left) & 1hr after application (right)

Viamerine Water Resistance:

Viamerine has been found to significantly improve water resistance in a range of applications including sun and lip care. Comparison testing found that formulations containing Viamerine are highly hydrophobic and are difficult to remove with water. 


SPF Boosting Properties:

Recent SPF testing has discovered that Viamerine has significant benefits for sun care products. An increased SPF protection of over 45% has been measured in an SPF 15 base when formulated with 5% of Viamerine. 

Recommend Applications:


  • Add up to 50%
  • Provides shine, hydration and texture to the lips
  • Aid in the dispersion of pigments

Emulsions (including sun care)

  • Add up to 5%
  • Provides hydration and antiwrinkle properties
  • Acts as a co-emulsifer
  • Ideal for day/night creams

Rinse-off Products

  • Add up to 2%
  • Provides hydration and texture to the skin
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Helps to balance out surfactant irritancy


Solid Range:

Viamerine® WH36 (mp approx 40°C)

Viamerine® WH60 (mp approx 50°C)

Viamerine® WH70 (mp approx 60°C)


Liquid Range:

Viamerine® 10,000*

Viamerine® 4000*

Viamerine® 2500*

*number indicates the approximate viscosity in cP

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