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Surfachem again exhibited at the Household, Industrial and Institutional Ingredients Exhibition and Conference (H3i Formulate) in Birmingham.

Two of our key suppliers, Lubrizol and Stepan, joined us on stand 301, providing formulators with an opportunity to discuss solutions directly with world leading manufacturers.

Surfachem team showcased a range of innovative materials, such as:

Steposol MET-10U: a surfactant solution to solvent replacement and an excellent alternative to traditional solvent based cleaning. 

Using surfactant technology Steposol MET-10U is effective in cleaning and removing soils in a variety of formulations including Graffiti Remover, Permanent Ink Remover, Adhesive Remover & Paint Stripper

Ecoremover: a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable aqueous fluid made from 100% renewable vegetable extracts. Ecoremover is designed to enhance the performance of cleaning products and replace the need for solvents and hazardous chemicals.  We have tested Ecoremover in a number of applications (ie tar, grease and other substances removal in car care, kitchen and bathroom cleaning etc) - see the results on Surfachems Youtube channel

Novethix HC200: a novel, proprietary polymer specifically designed to provide exceptional rheology control in home care products. Novethix HC200 delivers viscosity and high clarity over a wide pH range, in fabric, surface and dish care

Noverite™ AD 810N: a novel acrylic terpolymer designed to deliver chelating, anti-filming, anti-scaling, crystal-growth modification and suspension properties to a wide range of applications including dish care and surface cleaners.  Noverite AD 810 N  is suitable for use in unit-dose, powder or liquid, and high performance phosphate-free formulations. Looking to deliver cost-effective formulations? Combine Noverite AD 810N with sodium citrate. 

Addressing the challenges of CLP:

As part of the 'TechFocus' seminar series at H3I,  Daren Upton presented on "Understanding the impact of the CLP regulations".

The presentation focused on the headaches caused by the stricter labelling regulations of CLP and how these can be avoided by reducing the overall hazard classification of your formulations.

Daren discussed a range of materials for reducing classification, such as low/no hazard surfactants, chelants, performance boosters and Green Solvents.

You can request a copy of the presentation by contacting us.

Daren Upton is a Technical Development Manager at Surfachem and has over 15 years experience in New Product Development including HI&I, Coatings, Adhesives & Inks.

Specialised areas include Car Care, Laundry, Industrial & Metal Working and Biocidal products.

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