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Chemical Description - N,N-Dimethyldodecanamide; N,N-Dimethylmyristamide

Product Name - Ninol CAA

Product Overview - Ninol CAA is a novel, DEA-free, 100% active, naturally derived non-ionic surfactant. It is highly suitable for hygiene formulations due to its multiple benefits. In surfactant solution it enables the solubilisation of fragrances that can often e difficult to incorporate. At reduced levels, this non-ionic surfactant provides superior viscosity building performance and comparable foam stabilisation to traditional amides and betaines. Ninol CAA displays superior skin compatibility and reduces the skin denaturation induced by anionics. Ninol CAA is an ideal replacement for many ingredients, helping to simplify the formulation process whilst not comprising on performance and aesthetics.

INCI - Dimethyl Lauramide / Myristamide

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