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Imagine a palette of possibilities: the smell of herbs in the kitchen, rain in the summer, festive treats… Discover new olfactory dimensions and create a scented story for you brand with Givaudan.

Their high performance, cost effective fragrances are based on the most up to date trends and incorporate market leading technology including encapsulates for fabric care and malodour control.   


Consumers increasingly express interest in fragrances for clothing that are either sprayed on or encapsulated in the fabric. Givaudan have introduced a pioneering Encapsulation technology Mechacaps TM to enable manufacturers to deliver products in enticing new ways offering excitement and added value. Combining technology with emotion is something that perfumers should explore ("Why Fragrance Matters", Speciality Chemicals Online, February 2015)



Fragrance is a one of the key motivators for consumers when deciding which personal care product to buy.  Whether a soap, shower gel, shampoo or deodorant - the scent of a product generates emotion.  It refreshes, soothes, reassures and it can remind them of good times, such as holidays or childhood memories and emotional connections are created by fragrance.

Givaudan design fragrances that resonate with people in everyday situations and also ensure that these products perform well: shower gels that wake us with a zesty burst of freshness; bath bubbles that invite us to indulge.  

These benefits are delivered at precisely the right moment thanks to product application research that tests when a perfume is most noticeable, how it fills the room or shower cabinet, and whether it can still be noticed on skin and hair when dry. These are the details that set brands apart.

Fragrance is key and will prompt purchase; contact us to discuss how Givaudan fragrances and other products in our portfolio can help to differentiate your product.


Our Values


Be the expert. We understand our customers and our market. We freely share this market knowledge with our customers and principals. We keep abreast of new thinking.



We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We take responsibility for what we do, and for each other. We don’t just push the boundaries of legislation. We consider sustainability for all.



Ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our principals. We treat each other as equals. We share ideas and listen to other people’s points of view.



We think differently and creatively. We build on each others’ ideas and use our expertise to think about better ways of doing things for us, for our customers and for our principals.

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