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First launched in 2006, encapsulated perfumes are now standard in Fabric Softeners and Detergents. The primary benefit is to enhance the long-lastingness of the fragrance on dry fabrics.

How do they work?

  • The capsules deposit onto fabrics and remain there even for very long storage periods
  • The perfume slowly diffuses from the capsule to give a freshness for much longer than can be achieved with normal perfumes
  • When the fabric is handled the capsules rupture to release the remaining perfume for a boost of perfume freshness

The encapsulates are combined with a ‘free’ fragrance oil (added to the base as normal) and all are compatible with a wide range of olfactive directions.

Long-lastingness claims based on encapsulated perfumes in Fabric Care.

  • Freshness sensation for days
  • 24h fresh
  • 4x longer lasting freshness
  • Freshness experience that lasts up to 7 days
  • Keeps clothes smelling fresh all-day
  • Lasting moments of freshness
  • Luxurious fragrance release even after 12 hours of wear
  • Freshness for months
  • 7 day freshness / 7 days of freshness
  • 12 hours of wear clean & fresh feeling
  • Indulging fragrance with every touch, even after 3 weeks of storage

In addition, Givaudan also offer a unique opportunity by combining encapsulates with malodour technology for an even stronger product proposition. Using Neutraq malodour technology it is possible to substantiate an additional malodour control claim.

What is Neutraq?

Givaudan Malodour Technology, A unique malodour technology that does not alter scent profiles.

It’s odourless, hence easy to incorporate.

Example of malodour control claims:

  • “Don’t mask it…eliminate it”
  • “Advanced bad odour neutralization”
  • “Locks up bad odours”
  • “Removes malodours”
  • “Combat bad odours with a powerful odour neutralizing technology”

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