Chemical Description - Polyacrylic Acid

Product Name - Carbopol® 676

Product Overview - Carbopol 676 is a cross-linked polyacrylic acid polymer which has short flow characteristics and gives formulations a relatively high viscosity. It has a high yield value which means that it can suspend a wide range of insoluble materials and can be used to stabilise emulsions which contain silicone oil, mineral oil, or d-limonene. It can be used in formulations containing chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide and sytems that are highly alkaline. Carbopol 676 also gives sheer thinning properties to a formulation which means that it can be dispensed via a trigger spray. This material is commonly used in hard surface cleaners, dishwashing and laundry liquids, and gelled fuels.

Product Information - Link to supplier's website

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