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 Chemical companies need to work on collaborative marketing strategies, says Natalia McDonagh, Head of Strategic Marketing of Surfachem Group.

There is an increased pressure within the chemical distribution industry for a new approach to strategic marketing to meet the needs of partners across the supply chain. The concept of marketing for business development is expanding, moving away from single product or range promotion on a tactical level.


Chemical industry players require professional multi-channel marketing for strong customer and supplier loyalty and profitability. As more of them create partnerships with other similar businesses across their regions, creating strategic alliances such as Omni-Chem 136, a focus on growth via collaboration on innovation and the flexibility of business partners is seen as invaluable.

Partnerships between suppliers and buyers via co-operation in R&D, cross-organisational logistics management and joint software in the distribution process deliver much needed bespoke processes for competitive advantage. There is an unmistakable trend towards more innovative solutions across various operational levels, where more companies are co-operating with customers in R&D than in other B2B sectors. According to McKinsey, companies should aim to create transformative impact for their customers, as the value of long-term exchanges with trusted partners is increasingly recognised. This forms competition between strategic networks. Indeed, the distribution industry can be seen as a series of such networks.

The article has been published in July 2015 issue of Speciality Chemicals and is courtesy of the publication.

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