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Key Principals

Aldivia Overview:

Aldivia are leaders in lipophilic (oil based) innovation. Founded in 1999 in France, Aldivia specialise in the sourcing, design, manufacture, and commercialisation of lipids of plant and vegetable origin for cosmetic and industrial use. Ethical sourcing, natural cosmetics and green chemistry are the core pillars of Aldivia's philosophy.

Key Ranges:

Natural Oils:

Aldivia offer a wide range of vegetable oils and butters sourced from all corners of the globe. Virgin, Organic, Refined and Deodourised variations are available.

Ubuntu Natural™ Range:

Ubuntu Natural™ is a range of natural oils native to Africa. The Ubuntu oils are sourced and processed in collaboration with local African communities under fair trade practices. 

Ubuntu Natural™ oils are widely used for skin and hair care and provide a range of sensory and marketing benefits.

Viatenza® PO range

Natural oils can be difficult to incorporate into aqueous based systems without negatively effecting viscosity, clarity and foaming due to their poor affinity to water.

Viatenza® PO is a range of modified oils obtained by reacting Aldivia’s range of natural oils with glycerine to produce polyglyceryl esters.  Glycerine is hydrophilic (water loving) and its presence helps to disperse the modified oil when added to water. 

Viatenza® PO modified oils can be used as emollients, co-emulsifiers and co-solubilisiers and are available in natural and organic variants.


Viamerine® is a natural blend of polyglycerides and is one of Aldivia’s most popular materials. It provides moisturisation and anti-wrinkle properties in cosmetics and is widely used in skin care emulsions, oil serums and lip care. Viamerine® is frequently used as a naturally derived replacement for lanolin and is available in solid and liquid forms.

To find out more about the Aldivia product range, please visit their website, or contact us.

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Our Values


Be the expert. We understand our customers and our market. We freely share this market knowledge with our customers and principals. We keep abreast of new thinking.



We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We take responsibility for what we do, and for each other. We don’t just push the boundaries of legislation. We consider sustainability for all.



Ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our principals. We treat each other as equals. We share ideas and listen to other people’s points of view.



We think differently and creatively. We build on each others’ ideas and use our expertise to think about better ways of doing things for us, for our customers and for our principals.

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